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Caucus For America has released the following statement regarding the Iran nuclear deal:


“We wish to express our gratitude to President Donald J. Trump for his bold, thoughtful and principled decision to have the United States terminate our nation’s participation in the dangerous Joint Comprehensive Plan of action (JCPOA), i.e. the ‘Iran Nuclear Deal’ that was negotiated during the Obama Administration.


“The Iran nuclear deal was ill-conceived, perilous to America and our allies, and a threat to world peace.


“In addition to literally flying hundreds of millions in cash — U.S. taxpayer dollars — right to Iran, the Obama Administration unfroze Iranian assets, estimated at $100 billion to $150 billion, enriching the Iranian regime and strengthening Middle East despots and the terrorist organizations the Iranian government supports.


“We are encouraged that the Trump administration will immediately begin the course of action required to re-impose tough sanctions on Iran, targeting the country’s energy, petrochemical, and financial sectors.


“Further, Caucus For America notes with gratitude that Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel recently shared with America and the world crucial facts regarding secret advances that have been taking place in Iran’s nuclear program. The details disclosed by Israeli intelligence prove that the Iranian regime deliberately lied about its intentions regarding the nuclear program. We thank President Trump for acting with resoluteness and courageous leadership to protect the safety and security of the American People.”


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