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Regarding our Pre-Election Prayers

A Statement by Rabbi Aryeh Spero


Our prayers that the hearts of our citizens be turned toward voting for the President did happen. The country and its citizens, with the help of God, did indeed “open their eyes” and vote for Trump. 


We prayed regarding the people, and America’s people came through. We prayed that when in the privacy of the voting booth, Americans would be serious voters and vote for safety and Americanism and not be swayed by the trite issue of tweets peddled by the President’s detractors. In fact, registered voters on legal ballots voted significantly for President Trump. Victory, however, appears to have been snatched from him — not by the American people, but by a cadre of evil people. The most evil and cunning in our history. A cabal more powerful than the people. 


I imagine that God expects us to challenge and defeat this evil in our midst. This is the continual mandate of history, mentioned in the Old Testament seven times. 


President Trump is working to defeat this evil. But we also need someone among us separate from Trump to rise to this task. God does not do this for us. We must do it ourselves, lead the way ourselves…and He will assist. God helps those who help themselves. Man must make his own history and determine his own destiny. It turns out that this election cannot produce victory without first facing and sublimating this evil. We have the window to still do it. 




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