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American Flags

February 2021 – Caucus For America spokesman Rabbi Aryeh Spero made the following statement today:


“Mark Cuban is a disappointment to those of us who appreciate, respect, and love this country of ours, the United States. At first he told us because he and his players “don’t feel American” the Dallas fans who come to see his team will no longer be able to honor our country’s national anthem. Later he backtracked and said he and his [‘global citizen’] players don’t feel represented by our national anthem.


“Anthems and countries are in the eyes of the beholder. People kindly disposed toward something read into it positive qualities. Evidently Cuban and his players don’t see in the anthem and in America the greatness and specialness most common sense people do see.


I imagine Mark Cuban’s ancestors were actually proud to be called American.   Too bad Cuban and his multi-millionaire players consider themselves too good to be American and above those patriotic Americans who love this country and get goose bumps when listening to the anthem.” Rabbi Spero emphasized, “As for me, I can’t be a fan of a team that dishonors America.”


“Isn’t it ironic,” Rabbi Spero added, “that those who have enriched themselves hundreds of times more than the rest of us due the opportunities and goodwill of the American people, bite the very hand that feeds them?”

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