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Rabbi Aryeh Spero released the following statement”

“In today’s announcement by President Trump declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel we are witness to a moment rising above politics and statesmanship to one of epic and historic proportions.

“Like King Cyrus millennia ago, President Trump has issued a proclamation: that Israel and Jerusalem belong to the Jewish People by birthright.

“Seventy years after the destruction of the First Temple, the Jewish People, in conjunction with King Cyrus’s proclamation, were able to formally declare that Jerusalem and Israel were theirs once again. Nehemiah had solidified the walls and formalized its boundaries. And now seventy years after the establishment of the State of Israel, President Donald Trump, in heroic fashion, has declared to the world, as did the Almighty in Scripture, that Jerusalem is the everlasting capital of the sovereign Jewish State. He has made prophecy complete.

“President Trump stands far above pundits and the striped pants crowd. He is a towering figure for the good of civilization. “







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