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Free speech constitution

Holding Strong in 2021 and Beyond

By Rabbi Aryeh Spero


This past year was exceedingly difficult for many whose relatives and acquaintances unexpectedly passed away or became ill due to the worldwide COVID-19 plague. Many “progressive” governors have in strong-arm fashion exploited the situation for political power purposes, callously subduing our population.


We watched as our cities and innocent people were violently attacked by Antifa and BLM, all the while being excused, justified, and even exalted by the media and opinion shapers. American history, indeed Americanism itself, was maligned, the statues of our founding heroes toppled. It became fashionable to call for defunding the police and uprooting the last line of defense we citizens have against those who would severely harm us and damage our property. Being white, or male, was indicted as a condition for guilt, and Israel and young Jewish students were maliciously attacked on campus and by academia as the latest target of the political and social left. Left-wing anti-Semitism was pronounced, though rarely spotlighted or specifically condemned by establishment liberal Jewish organizations whose loyalty to left-wing causes most often overrides the security of American Jewry.


The result of the 2020 election — for so many a betrayal of America and the American people — has made us wonder for the first time ever if America remains a place where we Americans determine who will be our office-holders and representatives. In its aftermath, we daily are shocked as the institutions historically established to protect us from such blatant disregard of the law and Constitution have remained silent and shirk their responsibility when asked to intervene — be they state legislatures, the media, and even the courts.


Throughout this turmoil, most patriotic conservatives have remained steadfast and vigorously engaged in the battle against those tyrannical and cynical forces intent on stripping us of our birthright. After all, as I continually remind people: “It’s your country…fight for it.”


We cannot give up. America is too important… and so is the future of our children. We can certainly and effectively fight on the local level, in our neighborhoods and towns. Get actively involved in your school board, library, and zoning boards. Do not allow the Left to use these institutions as vehicles to propagandize your children against America, Christianity, or against you because of your race or ethnicity.


We need to assert confidently our rights in protecting our homes, ourselves, and our neighborhoods. We cannot allow the Left to social engineer our freedoms and individualism out of existence. Stop feeling guilty for the success of your hard work and the achievements born of your discipline and the deferring of gratification.


Get to know your local officials, be they city or county. Begin calling the House and Senate members of your state legislature. The Framers gave state legislatures vast powers, more so than in any other country. Bone up on who the judges are running in your municipality, county, and state. If the state legislators and state courts had done their job as envisioned by the drafters of the Constitution, President Trump would now be planning his second inauguration.


As we first announced back in 2003, we are “battling for the soul of America.” Battle with confidence and determination… and with righteous anger. Let us in 2021 remain together as a patriotic community and keep proclaiming the authentic American ideals and principles — our historic values; values encapsulated in our Judeo-Christian heritage and ethos. We are proud of America’s history and the American people, and over 100 million of us will confidently continue to fight for the America we love. I cannot imagine a greater mission than this.


Wishing America a blessed, healthy, and prosperous New Year,

Rabbi Spero



Rabbi Aryeh Spero is author of Push Back: Reclaiming our American Judeo-Christian Heritage (Evergreen); president of Caucus for America; and nightly radio host.

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