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First Thoughts

By Rabbi Spero

Over the weekend a subgroup of Black Lives Matter together with Antifa rampaged through the streets of downtown Washington, D.C. and accosted diners eating at restaurants.  In addition, when yelling their complaints about American police officers, they screamed “burn it down!”  To me, screaming “burn it down!” about America is “insurrection.” A terrible threat.  Where were the thousands of National Guard troops now stationed in Washington, D.C. to stop this “insurrection” and these threats?

Will social media now censor Black Lives Matter and Antifa because of the actions of some of the people in their movement?  Will corporations now stop giving donations to Black Lives Matter and Antifa and will banks and credit card companies refuse to handle donations to or transactions of these groups as they are doing to dozens of conservative groups and individuals.

I don’t think anything will happen to the individuals and groups involved in this past weekend’s rampages, just as virtually all who were caught looting, rioting, and burning our cities this last summer have been set free and are now at home.






Photo Credit: Shutterstock/Hung Chung Chih
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