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thinking man statue from below so you can see the sun

Don’t be fooled by the names or titles Democrats are attaching to their legislative bills.  The underlying purpose and goal for all their bills is radically transforming America, instituting different levels of socialism, and social engineering all of America to the detriment of non-minorities.

For example, the so-called “infrastructure” bill is redefining infrastructure to mean banks giving preference of loans to minorities, quotas in hiring that will diminish the chances for applications from white people, disenfranchising independent non-union contractors from government construction jobs, enforcing tilted federal voting mandates toward “progressive” victory, and even mandating that transgender people identifying as females be allowed to compete against those born female.

The list goes on, not only for this bill but for so many bills entitled with lofty-sounding names. Those who oppose these bills will probably be labeled “racist” or “white supremacist” and canceled or tarnished forever. But beware: this is the Trojan Horse craftily designed against America’s founding principles and the latest attempt to redefine terms and language.

“Infrastructure” no longer means mechanical engineering, but social engineering.


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