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A Prayer for a Nation Seeking God’s Grace

A Prayer for a Nation Seeking God’s Grace

Rabbi Aryeh Spero


Our Father in Heaven, Lord of the Universe, Creator of Human in His image,

We come to you in this time of danger asking for Your Divine Protection,

Send, please, Your guidance and grace to those who lead our government and health agencies so that they may choose and decide wisely, with courage, determination, and clarity. Give them the inspiration to know the ways and the means for safeguarding our citizens.

We know that You have built a world founded on principles discernible to man and in line with reason. We ask You therefore to grant blessing and success to the endeavors of those searching for cures and to those encharged with finding pathways to salvation. Protect all the beloved health and safety professionals and volunteers risking their wellbeing so as to help others.

May our populous remain calm and confident, suffused with realism and hope. May you shield this nation from the agitators and opportunists who demoralize and make unnecessarily anxious the American people with relentless criticism and attacks on the President and his Cabinet tirelessly trying to rescue the country.

Lord our God, may this plague pass over our homes, and not enter the walls within. And may we come together soon in health as the sickness removes itself from our midst and dimness is once again replaced by the shining firmament.


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